Addressing Healthcare Operating and Administrative Challenges

Combining operations, technology, accounting and economic analyses to improve healthcare operations and financial performance.

CenturyGoal is dedicated to helping healthcare providers and payers understand operating/financial challenges along with solutions to these challenges so providers can focus on care.

Our Research Focus Areas

Value-Based Care

Revenue Cycle Management

Operations & Accounting

Business Technologies

Interoperability & Security

Healthcare Economics Studies


The focus of CenturyGoal is on how Providers can streamline their operating functions to accomplish: reduced costs; better collections; and improved patient health. Moreover, how Payers can support this and benefit as well.

Practices Don’t Need to Lose Out on Uncollected Payments from Insurers

Doctors need to do wellness checks of their own businesses. They’re likely missing out on money that health insurers owe them.

Digitally transformed companies are much more profitable that their industry peers that have not undergone a digital transformation.

Series of articles on cross-industry rapid transformation phases from developing a common data model to prompt automation of operating functions.