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Statement from the Founder:

My goal is to leverage my experiences improving and turning around companies across industries along with my unique combination of skill sets to help make improvements in the healthcare industry.

Improvement opportunities throughout our healthcare system are extraordinary. Patients are looking for better access to good care at lower costs, providers often struggle to collect what they earn due to a complex system of third-party payers that separate the buyer and seller, and the industry is overly fragmented with a mishmash of players in a vast variety of roles. Moreover, information management is one of the top challenges in this “data rich, information poor” industry.

My unique blend of skill sets across operating processes, information technology, and accounting, with related cross-trained education background (MBA, CPA, IT Masters) are critical to an effective and comprehensive approach to proper healthcare administration. After spending the last five years working with healthcare providers and service companies, I have realized that the industry improvement opportunities are significant.

My mission is to better understand the challenges that providers and payers face in the healthcare industry and have solutions to these challenges. I am currently working on a PhD to extend the depth of this research while collaborating with many people on solutions to these challenges.

Please follow CenturyGoal as it rolls out research and solution results in the years to come.

– Meade Monger (Founder and CEO)

Meade Monger Century Goal

CenturyGoal was recently formed and is in the process of assembling a research library that will be shared at a later date.