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US Healthcare Costs Make Piggy Banks Sad

US Healthcare Costs Make Piggy Banks Sad CenturyGoal

People in the US spend $1 of every $5 on healthcare, roughly double the costs per person of other developed countries, yet our quality of healthcare ranks at the bottom of the world.

Healthcare Collections Calculator: Why Not Know True Healthcare AR?

Healthcare Collections Calculator

An accounts receivable aging report is a straightforward way to understand amounts owed to companies across industries. But mostly not the case in healthcare. Why not? Healthcare Providers’ AR Reports are Overstated Accounts Receivable (AR) reports are generally simple to understand and provide a great snapshot of how much a company is owed. There are […]

The Wild Wild West of Healthcare Pricing

The Wild Wild West of Healthcare Pricing

How much is that doggie in the window? That is a very common question that consumers often ask when considering a purchase, but not in the US healthcare industry. Pricing in the US healthcare system has been a “wild wild west” situation where prices charged for providing services to patients have historically not been published. […]

How Does the U.S. Healthcare System Compare to Other Countries?

How Does the US Healthcare System Compare to Other Countries

It doesn’t. The United States Healthcare system is unique and very different from all other developed countries throughout the world. Other countries have single-payer systems led by the government and universal healthcare that generally pays for the costs of care for all citizens. The U.S. has an overly complex healthcare system fragmented across private and […]