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CenturyGoal Looks for Innovations that Challenge the Iron Triangle of Healthcare

What is the Iron Triangle?

The belief that these three priorities compete and improving one will be at the detriment of another

  • Programs and policies aimed at improving ACCESS can be costly, and the same goes for QUALITY improvement initiatives
  • Conversely, COST-REDUCTION efforts may come at the expense of quality or access

University of Pennsylvania professor Dr. William Kissick with four degrees from Yale formed the concept of the “Iron Triangle” that has been a staple in health management literature since it was first introduced in the 1994 book Medicine’s Dilemmas: Infinite Needs Versus Finite Resources. The framework conceptually explains the behavior of three quintessential aspects of health care: cost, quality, and access. The framework is characterized as “iron”, because it is typically challenging—if not impossible—to simultaneously achieve a low-cost, high-quality, open access health care system.

Healthcare's Iron Triangle by CenturyGoal

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