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Improving Healthcare Operations

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The US healthcare system costs each patient about $12,000 per year — roughly double all other developed countries throughout the world.

Streamlining Operating Functions

The US healthcare system is by far the most expensive in the world. Yet, the quality of care in the US ranks at the bottom of the world.

The US spends nearly 20% of GDP on healthcare.

That’s twice the average of all other developed countries. And costs are growing…

Of the $4 trillion spent on healthcare annually in the United States, administrative spending is about one-quarter of the total; delivery of care is about three-quarters.

Our Research Focus Areas

Value-Based Care

Revenue Cycle Management



Interoperability & Security

Healthcare Economics Studies


The focus of CenturyGoal is on how Providers can streamline their operating functions to accomplish: reduced costs; better collections; and improved patient health. Moreover, how Payers can support this and benefit as well.