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The University of Texas Health Informatics and Health Information Technology (HIHIT) Program

Recommending UT HIHIT:

The University of Texas at Austin Health Informatics & Health Information Technology (HIHIT) program is a great deep dive but big picture program that comes with good networking.

The UT HIHIT program is full-time for nine weeks and has a good mix of teachings about industry, healthcare analytics, and technologies used in healthcare. It provides a good overview of how to compare healthcare in the United States to other countries across the world as well as how operations work in the healthcare setting. The informatics and IT learnings give broad understandings of data analytics and technologies along with some hands-on work with systems and tools. In addition, project management training provided prepares students well for certifications in this area.

The program applies to recent graduates or people with various years of working experience. Recent graduates learn key skills for working in healthcare and are often sought after by companies throughout the industry. Experienced workers can leverage the training and certificate to specialize in the healthcare industry and/or expand their skill sets to take on management and technical positions.

The following points highlight some areas to emphasize about the UT HIHIT program:

  • Excellent management team that works closely with students on networking, job search, course support, and technology assistance
  • Knowledgeable professors that take an interest in helping students learn
  • Regular guest speakers including high profile industry leaders and experts
  • Good networking opportunities including getting to know classmates well, regular alumni events, and alumni attendance during some class sessions
  • Exposure to several technology tools through various software demonstrations plus hands on learning with support from the program’s managers and professors

The three-member management team is passionate about providing students with well-rounded capabilities ranging from technical skills to personal skills. They are great at helping recent graduates present themselves for employment opportunities. They are well connected and help with introductions in the industry. A member of the team is a technology expert who works full time with the students to help them learn various technologies. This team runs a very organized and well-coordinated program.

The professors provide a good balance of content that gives an overall understanding with enough detail for extensive learnings while explaining ways to go even deeper as desired. A lot of material is covered, and the program requires that students work, but they walk away in nine weeks as very knowledgeable. The professors are focused on making this happen for the students and are accommodating in ways that ensure a good and reasonable learning environment. In addition, there are guest lecturers that provide certain subject matter expertise.

Industry professionals and alumni are active with the UT HIHIT program. There is a loyal following of highly accomplished people. While getting to know classmates well, there are many opportunities to interact with others outside of the program through events and guest appearances throughout the program. It is an effective way to make good industry connections.

The technology-related learnings cover IT environments, applications, and fairly heavy activities with some software programs. There are breakout groups that work with each other and utilize these tools, which helps with the learning process. The final project includes groups of students that make comprehensive presentations, which are the culmination of what was learned during the program. These formal presentations are attended by alumni and guests.

Overall, the UT HIHIT program is great for both entry level and experienced people who want a deep dive into the healthcare industry, take away practical technical and personal skills, and create some good relationships.


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