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Catapult Health is transforming the delivery of preventive and primary care through its VirtualCheckup™ and worksite checkup solutions. Both fully integrated digital offerings are available through employers and health plans nationwide.

Titan Intake gives you power over referrals through digitization, automation, communication, and data. Titan is used to capture 100% of incoming referrals, automatically extract critical information, close the loop with referring providers and patients, and make the best possible decisions for clinics.

Healthcare costs in the US are the most expensive in the world – double all other developed countries. One reason is that, of the $4 trillion we spend each year, $1 trillion is administrative costs. A big reason why administrative costs are so high is because of the extraordinary efforts that Healthcare Providers must undertake to bill and collect for their services.

The United States has been attempting to overcome its relatively high cost and low-quality healthcare system for many years, yet the transition to value-based care is moving at a snail’s pace. Although it will be difficult to make a meaningful transition until everyone can get on the same page and variations of payment models are simplified, there are steps that providers can take now to improve back-office processes enabled by technology.


The focus of CenturyGoal is on how Providers can streamline their operating functions to accomplish: reduced costs; better collections; and improved patient health. Moreover, how Payers can support this and benefit as well.